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The Covert Hops Society is an AHA-sanctioned homebrew club in Atlanta, GA. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, moving locations around the city (or these days over Zoom). A homebrew club is an excellent way to meet other brewers, improve your skills, and see what people are doing. You might even make a new friend. Just remember to bring extra pants...

Most of our activity takes place on our social media outlets, and our Google Groups listserve, linked above. There you can also find the next meeting location--come join us!

We host the Peach State Brew Off every year. This year's competition will a little different, but it is still on! Resistration starts December 23, 2020, and the best-of-show judging will be Saturday, February 27, 2021 in East Point, GA. We plan on having a live stream event for awards announcements. Stay tuned. Please see the competition website for more details on entry submission and the event itself.

You may also send the Director an email for more information.